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Based on characters from "The ShadowNET" https://www.reddit.com/r/shadownet/ a Shadowrun 5th edition living community.

This is a Visual novel following a team of "Shadowrunners" mercenaries hired to conduct illegal operations by powerful entity's of the far off future of 2069.

Amongst our group,  

Ruiner the Adept a powerful user of magic that focuses magic through his body as Qi to augment his natural strength.

Talos the Rigger, a Pilot that can meld their mind with machines of all shapes and sizes to pilot them intuitively.

Gautier the Mage detective, a follower of the Mentor Spirit of the Dog, doggedly loyal and a user of detection magic.

MegaByte the Technomancer Nartaki, a blue being with 4 arms that is so in-touch with a field known as the resonance that he can interact with devices with his mind, and even create living constructs from code.

Join us all as we take the crew out on runs and adventures, getting to know the world, the runners and their struggles.

This is more of a Proof of concept/demo/intro to the full game expect more in future.

Based on Art from https://www.behance.net/elliottmariet or on twitter @Ellybizart.

Story and Programming from @TheAnthonyFTI on twitter.

Characters based on Runners from The ShadowNET https://www.reddit.com/r/shadownet/ with permission from their creators.


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Hello! What a great start! It left me wondering whats next, I'd love to see more of it. I've included it in a video I've made about the Ren'Py jam, i hope you don't mind. Good luck!

Thank you for the amazing video it was great to hear your thoughts on the game.

The crew loved your voice acting and we all got a laugh out of "He doesn't say much, and hes always got that helmet on, whats wrong with him?".

Glad you enjoyed there should be more coming up soon.

Hey thanks for the message. No problems I thought it was a really well produced game, I'd love to do another video on it when you make some more! Thanks again and good luck! 


Not bad! I wish there was more to it at this point and there were more choices to be made so we could understand what kind of impact they'll have in the full version, but the art and characters are great! I'm completely unfamiliar with this world and what it's based on, but they still managed to give me a glimpse into what kind of world it is. Curious to see more!

Thanks for the video it was interesting to see someones reaction to everything, sorry to leave it on such a cliff hanger for you keep an eye out for the meet in our next installment.

Choices are a big part of Visual novels and we will be expanding on that in future thank you so much for your feedback.